One Year Later.  Wait..What?!
I was never the type of person who wondered where they'd be after a year. Perhaps I was afraid of the unknown and would keep such thoughts at bay, or I was just lazy.

I was never the type of person who wondered where they’d be after a year. Perhaps I was afraid of the unknown and would keep such thoughts at bay, or I was just lazy. Today marks one year for me at Optera Digital, granted half of it was spent at home thanks to COVID, but still a whole year. That my friends is an achievement I am supremely proud of.

My first experience with Optera was walking into an office that was home to two loving cats, Topak and Oreo! Well, one was loving, the other hated everything in general. Fact number one: I am mortally afraid of cats. My first month at Optera was spent just staring at the cats from the corner of my eye while I worked, and jumping out of my skin every time they made a move towards me. They never harmed me (obviously) but I’m pretty sure they could smell the fear from a mile away! One year later though, I’m a big fan of my little man Topak Khan! Daily belly rubs and playing sessions have become an integral part of my day, which I now miss, thanks COVID!


I came to Optera in search of opportunity and learning. I hit the jackpot becauseI managed to bag my first project with one of my dream clients in my second week. Unfortunately, the project didn’t quite work out, but it was an amazing learning experience, dealing with clients and finding out how the corporate world works. Nonetheless, my office peers made sure it didn’t get me down and placed me on some new exciting projects. Over the past year, I have had the opportunity to work with companies like UNDP, Jazz, World Bank, and my absolute favorite, i.LECO. All came with their fair share of highs and lows but it has been a beautiful experience! Optera Digital emphasized the fact that failure was a part of learning. As a “freshie in the real world”, I made a couple of mistakes, but none of them were ever greeted with a harsh disposition, ridicule or strictness; everything was part of the nurturing learning curve and the company ideology of letting people grow more confident and grow into who they’re meant to be.


Optera Digital is the land of the diverse! One common element is everyone’s love for the creative side of the world, be it music, art or gaming. Gaming, yes, my Achilles heel. Fact number three: I am a noob at gaming. My Lead thought it would be a great idea to let me borrow the office console (for an indefinite amount of time-yay) to get into gaming, coupled with a few of their favorite games! I started with a common favorite, Assassins Creed. Don’t ask me which one, I just remember killing goats and then dying. Fun times! Maybe gaming wasn’t for me but then I discovered the new SpongeBob game and I am hooked, thanks Optera! Now that I’m on the gaming bandwagon, I feel it is time for a deep dive into some game design like my fellow office peers. Fact number four: I work with famous people in the gaming and entertainment industry.

However, the best part about working at Optera is the family and friends that I have had the joy of meeting, they bring color to my life with never a dull moment! Our love of food brought us together and now we are inseparable. My bosses are my friends, my colleagues are my forever go to’s.

It’s been a year and there’s no place I’d rather be than here at Optera Digital.


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