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Optera Digital is a Transmedia Company focused on Perception Change and Management through Gamified Solutions, AR/VR Technologies and Data Optimized Content.

Our campaign systems use a mix of traditional digital techniques blended with gamification, psychology, economics and user participation.

Funded By Ignite
Ignite’s investments in Optera Digital has been for the Holo-Ads Project under the ICT-Related Grant for Innovative Product Development.
The Holo-Ads project is the next generation in advertising, bringing the latest in Smart Advertising Systems and Holograms. The Optera Digital/Ignite partnership is an example of a strong private/public sector initiative in creating innovative products, that will define how brands and consumers interact in the coming years.
why choose optera digital
Gamification Experts
Optera Digital is at the forefront of developing games for entertainment, education, messaging, behavior change and recruitment. The games developed have not only proven as good corporate assessment tools but are also aiding in addressing various social issues.
Visual Communication
Optera Digital uses a mix of Reporting, Live-Action, Motion Graphics, Animation, and 3-D Tools to determine the best possible way to communicate specific information to the end user. All of this is accomplished by using top of the line, advanced practices.
The Hologram People
Optera Digital is committed to finding new ways to interact with the world. Through a blend of Augmented, Mixed Reality, and Holograms, new worlds have been developed that fully immerse the end user and enhance their experience to another level.
Virtual Reality
With Virtual Reality Optera Digital can create immersive experiences that take user’s to new virtual worlds. From creating experiences that build empathy to fully interactive games, VR builds a unique and personal relationship between the message and the user.
User Experience
To successfully build a bridge between the content and consumer we start by understanding user behaviors,their needs, and motivations through observation techniques, task analysis, and other feedback.
Masters of Storytelling
Optera Digital has a diverse team committed to crafting meaningful stories that not only work across different mediums but also resonate with the end user and address a wide range of topics that not only enlighten but also educate by providing gamified solutions.
Knowledge & Workshops
Optera Digital has worked with some of the leading companies in the industry, on a wide variety of projects. The company prides itself on their industry-leading versatility and their upholding of the mantra of Transmedia: by telling your story with multiple methods.
Same Story
Multiple Channels
User Generated
Transmedia is the art of building effective communication using multiple channels to create user participation

our work

Optera Digital has worked with some of the leading companies in the industry, on a wide variety of projects. We pride ourselves on our industry-leading versatility and our upholding of the mantra of Transmedia, by telling your story with multiple methods. 

Reality Girl
Jazz Sustainability Report 2016-2017
Aaj Kal Ka Zamana
Ease of Doing Business Report 2019

our team

At Optera Digital, we pride ourselves on being an inclusive, equal opportunity company and our highly talented team is from all walks of life, with different backgrounds.

We believe in unearthing and honing the talents of individuals who would otherwise be overlooked, and that a lack of experience is merely a minor obstacle in the way of unlocking true potential.

Abbas Saleem Khan
Khaya Ahmed
Lead Content Developer
Ali Kazmi
Lead Developer
Shershah Ahmed
Content Specialist
Hamid Quddus Akhtar
Chief Technology Officer
Nabeel Rooshan
CG Artist
Mahruna Khattak
CG Artist
Muhammad Wasiq
Back End Developer
M. Umair Ali
Quality Assurance Engineer
Sarah Mirza
CG Artist
Cognitive Neuroscientist
Hassan Fajri
Associate Game Designer
our clients
testimonial-team (Demo)
Mirza Wasim Baig
Principal Consultant

Optera Digital improved our product value by creating usage based holographics middleware for our networking solutions. Thanks to them our products have a built in an eco-system that grows and upgrades itself. When you need a team that thinks light years ahead of everyone else, its these guys!

testimonial-team (Demo)
Syed Ali Abbas Zaidi
Founder & CEO

Optera Digital built us a standalone holographic solution for one of our civic engagement programs. Their recreation of an important historical personality using cutting edge technology allowed us to do something that has never done before. Their level of professionalism cannot be matched.

testimonial-team (Demo)
Atyab Tahir
GM - Head of Digital Transformation

The Optera team has a knack of understanding their clients’ needs. They have a talented and versatile set artists and engineers whose holograms and artwork create the desired impact. Our brand is stronger because of them.

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